Perhaps our human affinity with trees springs from the notion that they, like us, pass through long stages of life.  Youth, maturity, old age and decay are their lot as well as ours.  Whatever the reason, people have always loved, admired, respected, even worshiped trees.

Magnolias are aristocrats among plants, with ravishing blossoms, graceful branch structure, and lush foliage. This is ‘Jane’.

At Pondside, we are most definitely tree lovers.  We take great satisfaction in guiding our customers in the selection of an appropriate tree, whether chosen for beauty, screening, ecological diversity, food source, or even as a special memorial planting.

Acer Japonicum 'Full Moon'

Japan is one of the great centers of world horticulture, and the Japanese have been breeding garden plants for centuries. Two beautiful examples: a Japanese Umbrella Pine, Sciadopitis verticillata, and a Golden Full Moon Maple, Acer shirasawanum ‘Aureum’.

Trees are the foundation of most landscape designs, and because of their scale, must be chosen with care.  Even on a large property, there is always a limit to how many trees may be planted if they’re to achieve proper maturity without overcrowding.  We offer on-site consultation to help customers visualize ultimate size and shape, as well as to evaluate the suitability of soil texture and ground moisture.

We can also recommend reliable, professional local arborists for work on existing trees.  And our landscaping crews at A+ Gardens can install most any tree from a one gallon whip up to a six-foot diameter root ball.

Our tree inventory varies seasonally, but we usually have resources for field-grown and container stock or large quantities that we may not have on site, so don’t hesitate to ask us for something special.  Planting a tree is an act of faith and a gift to the future, and we love sharing that feeling with our customers.


Flowering Crabapples and Maples waiting for new homes.